Monday, October 31, 2005


Have a safe happy Hallowz eve! Head out with your friends and watch out! The freaks come out at night!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Saul Williams - Black Stacey Remix feat. Nas

Biggie ft. Twista, and Krayzie Bone - Spit Your Game
Recycled Biggie verse from Notorious Thugs but revised crunk beat. (Fixed)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Coming of Age

Here are a few hot tracks off the new Atmosphere album. Where rapper Slug may miss lyric-wise on this album, producer Ant has really outdone himself.

The Arrival

Pour me another

Get Fly

These are pretty old but im enjoying Jay Z remixes as you can tell!

Dead Prez - Hell Yeah Remix (ft. Jay Z)

Mike Jones Ft. Jay Z - Back Then

Strange Jay verse plus a chop and screwed Biggie. Alas....I enjoy.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

frosted flakes flood the plate

Jay Z feat. Too Short - Pimps, Players, and Hustlers
Fresh Jay for that azz...

Ghostface - Kilos (Ft. Rae)
A kilo is a thousand grams.....duh!

Redman ft. Ghostface Killah & Ludacris
- Future Thugs
Great beat! Ghost Kills it! I hate Ludacris!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

shit is pretty old, but the beef is fun!

Beef always triggers the best tracks from most rappers. Even for mediocre MC Eso, who drops some gems in this nearly eight minute diss to El-P ( ends with a radio diss skit against mad def jux artists).

7L and Esoteric - Mercy Killing

The previous download is REQUIRED to appreciate the true genius of El-P's ferocious rebuttal. Breaking down record sales and ripping on Eso for his Star Wars reference, the triple felon MC minus the melanin blows Esoteric off the map.

El-P - 7700 Years to Date

7L and friends could have taken a lesson from Anticon MC Sole. This is his harsh diss against El-P that sparked the diss of a lifetime. How could El not be pissed after being told he's "hip-hop as garth brooks" and "had a crayon contest with retarded kids to pick the whackest album cover."

Sole - Dear Elpee

While that track is nice, and the beat is butter, nothing can compare to the seven minutes of torture that Producto lays on Sole with what some hail to be the definitive career killer of a diss.
In case you dont already know, this track features a weak sounding sole embarassing himself over the phone with none other than El-p.

El-p -Linda Tripp

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Incense + Peppermints!

Some hot jams off the "Weekend at Burnsie's" from none other than

Stawberry Alarmclock - Incense & Peppermints
great halloween song.....for some reason

Donovan - Wear Your Love Like Heaven
i wish i knew what this meant

Donovan - Mellow Yellow
donovan you so crazy!