Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sassy, but at the same time raspy.

Outkast ft. Raekwon - Royal Flush

Ok ok, this is actually the the first single of Big Boi's album but sounds more like a 2008 version of "Skew it on the Bar-B" to me! Big Boi and Rae open the song sounding hungry as ever with stellar verses that sound like they could of been lifted from their first record. Andre 3stacks owns this shit, rapping for about half of the songs length about nintendo wii's, whoppers with cheese, and the hokey pokey. I couldn't believe this slipped under my radar but here it is in all its glory. Look for Big Boi's upcoming album "Sir Luscious Left Foot" along with Andree 3000's yet unnamed solo joint coming soon.

Outkast ft. Raekwon - Skew it on the Bar-B

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

On bended knee, is no way to be free.

Fresh of the press.

Jay Z - Ain't I (CD quality)
What a lot of people have been waiting for but if you ask me, this is lackluster Timbaland production.

Lil Wayne - Lollipop (DJ B-Stee Dance Mix)
Now this is worth going apeshit over, a bass heavy, dance remix of lollipop, with extra "Let her lick the rapper" added to the chorus! Genius!

Lil Wayne - Fireman (JayCeeOh Remix)
DJ JayCeeOh does a great job with this little mash-up. French trip-hop producer Wax Tailor is responsible for the hypnotic, lush beat. I'm not very familiar with his work, but after hearing this I will be. Don't miss out!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Tears feel like smiles....

Karma-Ann Swanapoel - Once

On a Lil Wayne note, here is one for all the hardcore Weezy fans This depressing diddy is the sped up sample from the following Lil Wayne track "I feel like Dying." I originally thought this to be an old 60's folk song but was surprised to find out it was recorded in 2003. Regardless, this is an amazing song.

Lil Wayne - I feel like dying

Wayne is finished with “The Drought Is Over” series, adding closure with part five "The Grand Finale." Here are a few tracks that have leaked so far but expect the whole mix-tape as soon as it leaks. Next up…Carter III!

Lil Wayne - I

Lil Wayne ft. Young Money - Done It

Sunday, March 16, 2008

So Sweet

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Dreams....

The Game - Big Dreams
Street single off L.A.X. the third and alleged "final" studio album by The Game planned for a June, 2008 release.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Eminem Produced By DJ Premier???

New Eminem!? Read more here.

Got Shades?

This track is the anthem for all aviator wearing fools ! Including yours truly!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


No verse, but a hilarious guest vocal. Check it out!

Those fiending for more "Sensual Seduction" style Snoop should check out this Ego Trippin' cut. He does a great Prince impression.
I know, I know, it's Paul Wall but this reggae beat can't be denied. It's the DEFINITION of FIYAH!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lupe Fiasco feat. Young Jeezy & T.I. - Superstar Remix

Lupe Fiasco feat. Young Jeezy & T.I. - Superstar Remix
Always good to hear from TIP. I hope he's staying away from the Army Gunz!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hostel Gospel Remix

It's just that fresh, my favorite Talib Kweli. The originals good too but Joel Ortiz adds a nice spice. So Lissteenn!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Dan Johns Who knew about this guy?

This guy has got some talent. I think he is from South Carolina and just maybe good enough to get a deal. Well we will see. Give it a listen and you won't be disappointed. If you guys want it i'll put up the whole mixtape.

Dan Johns - No Rewinds
"I'm not the next anybody i'm the first of my Kind"

Jay Z - Don't Pray

New Jay - Z Vitamin for the ears, Enjoy !
Jay Z - Don't Pray
Bonus: Jay Z - Ain't I

Papoose vs. Fat Joe

Apparently Papoose & Joey got into a little something last night. Thisis50 reported the following information:

On Friday Feb 29 in North Corolina Papoose,Cassidy,Fat Joe,Gucci Mane,Yo Gotti,and Fabolous were booked to perform at The Criquet Arena. Before the show could go on, the Main Event happened earlier at The Holiday Inn Hotel in North Carolina, where the rappers had been staying at .Sources from Cassidy’s crew tell us that Cassidy had asked Papoose to come to his room so they could talk. Papoose eventually came to his room and while the two rappers were talking, all of the sudden Fat Joe and 9 Members of his Entourage storm right into Cassidy’s room. Fat Joe suddenly starts yelling at Papoose, “You Got A Problem With Me?” and Papoose replied, “No, do you have a problem?” When Fat Joe responds ” yeah, I got a problem with you,” thats when Papoose swung at Fat Joe, punching him in the face twice. Before you knew it all hell broke loose. Sources tell us that Fat Joe and his crew rushed the rapper and Hotel security had to seperate the fight before Law Enforcement could get to the Hotel. Sources tells us that they heard Papoose yelling at Joe, “Come on Bitch ass nigga lets take this shit outside give me a fair one.”

Papoose - Faces of Death