Saturday, November 26, 2005

polluting the airwaves like hummer exhaust

This track doesnt jack beats like its succesor but Games 10 minute assault over Dre's Classic deepcover still sounds killer even though he was still with G-Unit.

The Game - Stay Strapped ft Young Jeezy and Techniec
(over T.I's Asap beat)

Nas - Don't Body Yourself Remix ft The Game

Elvis.......What Happened

More abstract hip-hop!

If you haven't gave this album a chance, I understand. cLOUDDEAD can go overboard with attempts to be different, but your still missing out on some gems like the strangely optimistic "Dead Dogs Two" and the fuzzy bass and loose rhymescheme of "Pop Song"

Blockhead - Downtown Science
I wouldn't want to miss out on anything Blockhead. His production for Aes Rock sparked my curiosity but "Music by Cavelight" won me over. This album continues cavelights tradition with out of this world vocal samples and catchy atmospheric beats.
This dir. seems short a few tracks though.

Friday, November 25, 2005

I heard'em say "Freeze" like SOLO IN CARBONITE!

Cannibal Ox - From the Planet of Eat
If you haven't listened to this track over a thousand times already then you just don't get it. I'm still trying to pick apart El's barrage of samples. Vast is still cheesy as ever but always manages to please with his voice and delivery. I crack up everytime I hear the super bad "Tommy Gun" pun.

Just in case this Can-OX teaser has left you high and dry as it did me, here are some killer verses and production from the El-Pro.

Aceyalone ft El-P - City of Shit

Latyrx ft El-P of Company Flow - Looking Over a City

El-P - Krazy Kings 3 (Bomb the System OST)

BONUS: El-P - Deadlight (Urban Renewal)
I WILL kill for the lyrics to this track!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Main Ingredient Acid

This sounds nothing like the avalanches that most of you are familiar with. It sounds better! Imagine "Since I left you" but with eclectic uncleared samples ranging from The Doors to Kraftwerk and some extremely abstract whiteboy raps.

From the import EP "El Producto"
Its really fun to play spot the sample with these.

The Avalanches - Rolling High
great krafwerk sample

The Avalanches - Rap Fever

The Avalanches - Run DNA
Its in my backpack! recommended

The Avalanches - Under Inspection


Friday, November 18, 2005

Fischerspooner Galore

Found this promo at the radio station. Enjoy!


Emerge (DFA REMIX)

Emerge (Junkie XL REMIX)

Mega C
Mega Colon? This track is sick.

Bonus Mashup: Maniacs Emerge

Heard this on a Diplo mix and had to cop it. Wonderfully depressing track!

Cat Power - Cross Bones Style

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Looks like Biggie, Sounds like Biggie

Guerilla Black is a compton based rapper who looks, sounds, and raps like Biggie.

Guerilla Black - Uh Oh
Let anyone hear this and they will believe it is a BIG track

Guerilla Black ft. Beenie Man - Compton
A compton tribute with a reggae sample? OK!

It's cool to just sitback and pretend the notorious one is still with us with some of these jams. Let me know what you think of that first track

Saw "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" and it was shit. 50's mother was ignited in flames and that was pretty "rad". ;)

G-Unit - 300 Shots ft. M.O.P., Mobb Deep, Murda Mase
Thats right the minister is hatin'

The Game feat. Jay-Z & Dr.Dre - Gotta Get It
Fall asleep during Dre's verse then awake just in time for Jay and Game!

Get your money right!